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Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack

Minecraft game is a huge cube sandbox in which you can wander around the world regardless of different restrictions, as the game has a completely open world in which you can even climb the highest mountain and build a cozy house in snowy biomes ... Read more »

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Download free Modpack Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse  - This is an assembly of Minecraft with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a destroyed city where hordes of zombies roam, and to crush monsters, a variety of weapons will be available in your arsenal, including assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, as well as ... Read more »

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Minecraft with mods - Modpack with 126 mods | Magic farm

Farm Magic Modpack  - This is an update to a popular conversion build. All addon versions are convertible game mods that turn Minecraft into a game based on progress while playing in the ... Read more »

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Minecraft Modpack with 147 mods

Minecraft assembly with mods is currently a pretty solid modpack containing 147 mods, and there are not as many bosses in this collection of modifications as in the previous one, but it will still be difficult to walk through, with many new ores, animals, ruins and dungeons ... Read more »

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Download Minecraft with mods (Modpack 113 mods)

Minecraft assembly with mods for an adventure theme in the magic genre contains a significant number of modifications that are no less popular than in the previous modpack, and are assembled in order to provide players with new opportunities to study and research various recipes for using the ... Read more »

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Here you can download minecraft assemblies, they contain both minecraft itself and a ready-made set of mods or mods pack. Such sets of mods are usually divided into different types, some of them consist of weapon mods, others add realism to Minecraft or decorate it, industrial assemblies can be separately noted, they add a lot of technical blocks to the game with which you can automate any game process, there is also assemblies for weak PC, with a set of mods that optimize the game. You can download minecraft with mods right here by choosing the assembly you like from the list.

Our portal is dedicated to the multiplayer toy Minecraft, in which you can frolic as in single player mode, creating creative structures or on various online servers, where you can also meet fans of the construction game and build an original house.

Each world is so unique that you can spend over a hundred hours of adventure and creation of one world, and then move on to other buildings to see new and unique features.